It's Summertime Baby

We're back!  Took a break from doing label stuff (although I never take a break from doing mailorder) to book the In Angles tour and wrap up our EP.  Also I had some health issues that kinda put a hinder on shit, but I'm dusting off the cobwebs and getting back in the swing of things.

Besides the tour we've got other things happenin'.  Jackets and Inserts for Invalids' Fulfillment EP have arrived, I'm just waiting on the actual records.   As long as they arrive before 7/22 I will be able to ship them out before I leave for tour.  It's a race against time.

We just got these dad hats made up, which you can pick up in our webstore.

Dad Caps Back.jpg

Besides that we'll have some new merch designs in September, another record pressing of a great band, a new compilation CD, and one other super secret thing that I can't tell you about yet.

I'll be bringing my podcast gear on tour and plan on getting back into that this Summer as well.  Trying to figure out how to balance all this shit out haha.

Thanks for hangin, follow me on twitter where I will single handedly take down Papa John through a barrage of tweets and witty insults: @chokeartistnj.