^Garfield’s dying words

It’s been a while! I’d like to think that sometimes people check this homepage in between endlessly scrolling their social media feeds. If you’re here, thank you.

I play drums for a few bands, one being In Angles. We released a new EP called Shortfalls, and we released a new music video.

Besides that, we just added CDs for the Invalids Fulfillment EP on our webstore. We’re moving out of dad cap season and into beanie season. Hats rule every thing around me.

”Your Breath Stinks Vol.4” is our next compilation. I held off on releasing it because a lot of my friends told me they would have new music ready in September. So the comp will have a bunch of unreleased tunes from bands you hopefully dig. 50% of the donations we get on bandcamp will go towards the “Best Friends Animal Society”, the other 50% will help pay for making physical comps, which get mailed out with any order you place in the webstore.

Thanks for rolling, ttysoon