Here are the bands that we’ve helped release vinyl/cds/merch for

floral boys.jpg


Nate and Ty are good boys.  Together they make up Floral, a bi-coastal band comprised of two good boys.  Despite often being labeled as "math-rock", Floral's music still manages to be super accessible and melodic.  Nate's unorthodox guitar tuning helps create some really pretty-and-groovy melodies over some heart punching rhythms.

In 2017 we released the first and second Floral EPs on a 12" record. 
You can purchase that

sick shit.jpg


4 piece pissed-off fastcore/powerviolence band from Central NJ.  With an active-touring scheduling and ripping live set, they are a force to be reckoned with.  Full show calendar at

We released their EP "Thick Spit on vinyl in early 2018.  
Purchase it here.

invalids 2018.jpg


When Pete Davis started writing the music for Invalids in 2009 on his desktop computer I don't think he ever planned on the band becoming a live project.  The music was frenzied, catchy, spastic, sentimental, and considerably technical. 

In 2014, three tri-state musicians stumbled together for the cause.   In 2018, the band released it's first album with a full lineup -- The Fulfillment EP.

Purchase Eunoia here or the pre-order The Fulfillment EP on vinyl.



NJ weirdo rapper/artistic schizo.  Bethany is a deviant for pushing music and art outside of the box.

Her self-directed music videos helped her quickly gain notoriety online.  In 2017 gained a leading role in Steve Ellison's (Flying Lotus) body horror film Kuso.     

In 2017 we pressed Buttress' album "Behind Every Great Man" to a 12" record.
You can purchase that

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Have a Good Season

HAGS started in the suburbs of central NJ in a basement somewhere in 2012.  
What started as a few kids playing music together in a basement turned into a sizable local following and a support from likeminded musicians in the area.

Mixing sounds of emo and alternative rock to the likes of Dinosaur Jr. and Built to Spill, the band crafts catchy and moody songs.

In 2017 we pressed the first two HAGS EPs onto a 12" record.
You can purchase that here.


In Angles

In Angles started in East Brunswick NJ (a lesser known Brunswick) as a bedroom project.  Two years later the band embarked on their first tour throughout the northeast.

The band strives to dance the line between technical and memorable, making emotive tunes with a factor of shred.

In 2016 we released the band's first full length album Cascading Home.
You can purchase the CD here.


A.M. Overcast is the long-running solo project based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  In 2017 we helped press the newest full length of the project Drown to You onto a 12" record.

This LP features some of AMO's most intricate, melodic and thrashy tunes. From super fun head-bobby pop to groovy, angular beats...Alex manages to capture a wide range of feels in his music in a very concise time frame. 

You can pick up Drown to You on vinyl here.

lobby bo.jpg

Lobby Boxer

Lobby Boxer is a 3  piece jammy emo-punk band from St. Louis, Missouri.  The band infuses elements of soul, rock, and emo to create their own sound.  

In addition, the band puts one of the raddest live sets I have ever seen.

In 2016 we helped them release their first full length, Big Bucks.
You can buy that CD here.


The Best of the Worst

TBOTW is a band comprised of young dinosaurs; they've been around long enough to be known as a DIY ska-punk staple, but most members are still barely pushing 30.

Extensively touring since 2008 will do that for a band.  With 10 self-booked tours, 3 EPs, one full length album, and 2 7" records, the band has kept busy.

In 2017 we put out their newest EP Painted Fools.  
You can buy that CD here.


Use Big Words

There's something about catching a Use Big Words set that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  The band's chemistry is undeniable, and their dancy-tunes will keep you shakin.  3 piece-groovy-emo with the ultimate feels.  

In 2017 we helped UBW repress their EP The Magnum Opus: Our Newest Dopest.  

You can buy that EP here.


Fero Lux 

Fero Lux is a South Florida based post-hardcore band / 4 man powerhouse.  They utilize elements of thrashy-math core and heavy-hitting post hardcore to create some heavy hitting, politically/socially pissed off bangers.

In 2016 we helped them press their first album Some Divine Ashtray to a 12".
You can buy the vinyl here.