Your Breath Stinks Vol. 4 Out Now

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YBS #4 is out now! Tons of great new music from a bunch of unique sounding bands. Download it for free off our bandcamp. 50% of donations we receive will go towards the Best Friends Animal Society. It’s a non-profit animal welfare organization. The other 50% of bandcamp donations we get helps put a (small) dent in the cost of making physical copies.

A few CHK releases are on the horizon, one being a full length for a NH based melodic punk band called Secret Spirit. God damn they are so good. FFO: Lifetime, Shook Ones, The Fad. I’m excited to not put out a math-rock record because I still listen to ska/punk a lot and high energy music is important to me. But don’t worry all you geeks we still got some sick math rock shit on deck.

Anyway, download the comp, subscribe to the podcast, buy merch, let me print your merch, whatever I don’t care just be a good person ok?

Snooze is a good band


That’s right, snooze is a “good ass band” in my book.
5 piece heavy & fun math rock from the Chicago burbs.
I’m super excited to help release their new album on vinyl.
Check out a new single from their album :

Besides that there’s some other things in the works for “Choke Artist” in November.
Check back soon or follow us on fb/insta. Thanks <3.


^Garfield’s dying words

It’s been a while! I’d like to think that sometimes people check this homepage in between endlessly scrolling their social media feeds. If you’re here, thank you.

I play drums for a few bands, one being In Angles. We released a new EP called Shortfalls, and we released a new music video.

Besides that, we just added CDs for the Invalids Fulfillment EP on our webstore. We’re moving out of dad cap season and into beanie season. Hats rule every thing around me.

”Your Breath Stinks Vol.4” is our next compilation. I held off on releasing it because a lot of my friends told me they would have new music ready in September. So the comp will have a bunch of unreleased tunes from bands you hopefully dig. 50% of the donations we get on bandcamp will go towards the “Best Friends Animal Society”, the other 50% will help pay for making physical comps, which get mailed out with any order you place in the webstore.

Thanks for rolling, ttysoon

It's Summertime Baby

We're back!  Took a break from doing label stuff (although I never take a break from doing mailorder) to book the In Angles tour and wrap up our EP.  Also I had some health issues that kinda put a hinder on shit, but I'm dusting off the cobwebs and getting back in the swing of things.

Besides the tour we've got other things happenin'.  Jackets and Inserts for Invalids' Fulfillment EP have arrived, I'm just waiting on the actual records.   As long as they arrive before 7/22 I will be able to ship them out before I leave for tour.  It's a race against time.

We just got these dad hats made up, which you can pick up in our webstore.

Dad Caps Back.jpg

Besides that we'll have some new merch designs in September, another record pressing of a great band, a new compilation CD, and one other super secret thing that I can't tell you about yet.

I'll be bringing my podcast gear on tour and plan on getting back into that this Summer as well.  Trying to figure out how to balance all this shit out haha.

Thanks for hangin, follow me on twitter where I will single handedly take down Papa John through a barrage of tweets and witty insults: @chokeartistnj.  

March Update:

I'm back!  An update!  Few things:
Pre-Orders for the new Sick Shit 7" are up.  Here's what they look like:  


The album will be up for full stream tomorrow.  Follow me on IG I'll post it there.
In addition, we got some sick new merch.  

chk pin.jpg

Podcasts are still going up on a weekly basis!  It's awesome talking to people from all over about BEING PUNK AND SHIT.  Hahaha no seriously though it's fun.

Lastly, we've begun screen printing shirts.  I added a tab at the top of the site about it, if you need one color shirts printed up for cheap click the tab and get in touch with us.

Next endeavor is bringing the Invalids Fulfillment EP to vinyl!  It's almost done.  Also Summer sounds like a good time for a "Your Breath Stinks, Vol. 4" (download #3 for free here).  

Thanks for reading this section of the site.  First 2 people to email with the subject "Great Reader" will get some free merch.  It's like a fun scavenger hunt, wow!