Episode 44: steve.


Zach, Kyle, and Nicky are 3/4 of New Brunswick based fun punk/emo band steve.  

We talk about the tenants of DIY: Inclusivity in the scene, shows running too late, show houses, chalkboards, the art of truly not giving a fuck and having fun, MTV + more.

Their new album “The Fondue’s and Fondont’s” will be out in a couple of months.  

Episode 43: Derrick Braxton & Jelani Walker


Derrick Braxton & Jelani are both New Brunswick-area natives who are remarkably community driven. You can often catch either of them spinning records at a NB basement show near you.

It doesn’t stop there; in his tenure as a producer, Derrick has produced beats for notable artists like Lupe Fiasco and Raekwon. In addition, he helps run the Hub City Music festival that takes place this April, and the “Rock New Brunswick” festival that takes place in Boyd Park

We talk about the creative process, the “music industry”, race relations, the New brunswick Scene, the “old New Brunswick”, and more.

Episode 41: A Not So Simple Plan


I sat down with verified mall-punk Kait Bemis to chat about Canadian melodic-skate punk band “Reset”.  They were pretty good, until two of their members left to join a manufactured pop-punk band called “Simple Plan”.  In this episode we uncover the truth about Simple Plan and the deceit in their punk-rock angst filled charade.  Tune in to find out the truth + more tidbits and rants.

Episode 40: Downtrodder vs Camp Anarchy


Got a chance to sit down and hang out with Jake and Dave from DOWNTRODDER (sludgy/grimy politically charged punk from Philly/NJ). Cheech sat in on the pod too.

We spent the first 20 min talking about “Camp Anarchy”, a punk rock festival being run by Fat Mike. We mostly talked about why it’s stupid to pay $120+ to sleep in a tent just to see The Offspring, and why VIP packages are stupid.

Jake used to play in The Best of the Worst with Cheech and I, so we geek out about ska throughout the pod as well. Besides that we rip on things that are “wack”, and I reveal the true meaning of the song “Cotton Eye Joe”.

Episode 38: Jeff Hersch

jeff hersch.jpg

Jeff Hersch is a musician/community advocate from Flemington NJ. In 2014 he helped found Flemington DIY, an all ages community space located at 90 Main Street.

Flemington DIY has been a host for show, art galleries, jazz nights, tap dancing lessons, screen printing workshops, film screenings and much more. We talk in length about the events leading up to the space existing and how it has transformed into a thriving non-profit community hub.

If you’d like to get involved or donate to the cause, visit flemingtondiy.org

Episode 37: Ernie Trent

ernie 2.jpg

Ernie Trent is a vocalist from NJ who fronted a few melodic hardcore/metalcore type bands throughout the years. We played together in a band called Marloneisha from 2004 - 2007. Throughout his tenure as a vocalist he also fronted bands called The Dead Season and Gray Lines of Perfection.

We talk about the scene we grew up in and how it impacted us as people. Gray Lines was a prominent touring christian hardcore band, and we discuss what that meant to him and to its members. We also speak about the criticism the band faced and the assumptions made about them.

Also covered: Hellfest 2004, which Trent performed at with The Dead Season and I fucking missed because I had lyme’s disease that summer. Damn.