Episode 48: Radcliffe (bentwaeve, NGGA)

take 2 bentwaeve.jpg

Radcliffe is a artist/thinker/shit-stirrer who can frequently be seen around New Brunswick NJ.  They perform a bit in the area under the names “Bentwaeve” and “NGGA”.  We talk about the difference between these two projects, and what they aim to accomplish.  In addition we talk a bit about some tribulations they’ve faced in a predominantly white-based college music scene, the art of trolling, inclusiveness, and more.  Also we declared war on indie rock.

Episode 47: Weatherbox

weatherbox pic.jpg

Weatherbox was started in 2004 by singer/songwriter Brian Warren in San Diego, CA.  They recently reunited after going on hiatus in 2016.  Their current lineup consists of some new and familiar faces.

This podcast was recorded at Brooklyn Bazaar, a day after the band played a sold out show upstairs with Person L, Fire is Motion, and the Sal Show.  I’ve seen them a couple times in my life and this was for sure the best set they ever played.  

I’ve been a pretty geeked-out fan for about 10 years (still remember buying “American Art” on interpunk) so I tried to ask as many questions as I could about the band’s history and ethos.

Their last album “Flies in All Directions” was released on Triple Crown Records in 2014.  They’re currently working on some new music and recently dropped some live session videos produced by Shane and Jake’s session project, Half Way Home Sessions.

Episode 46: standards


Standards are a 2 piece math rock duo from Los Angeles, CA.  They currently embarked on a 3 week tour across the US.  Invalids opened up for them in DC and Philly & I got a chance to catch them live and hang out with them, super hard working people.

We talk about the band’s work ethic, our take on record labels vs doing it yourself, the pros & cons of the internet, Marcos’ guitar endorsement, the “math rock scene”, and a bunch more. Kynwyn also plays drums for the band Crying and runs a music site/fb group called Odd Times & Atmospheres.

Be on the lookout for some standards vinyl coming soon via Choke Artist ;)

Episode 45: Ultra Deluxe

ultra deluxe pod.jpg

Got to sit and talk with Ultra Deluxe, an experimental & aggressive band from NY.

The group incorporates elements of chiptune/screamo/and sci-fi to make something neat.  Their last album Contact is described as a “gay dystopian space opera”;  we talk about the whole concept behind that throughout the episode.

We also talk about conspiracy theories, problems with the education system, some of the terrible things our history textbooks omit, and a bunch more.

Episode 44: steve.


Zach, Kyle, and Nicky are 3/4 of New Brunswick based fun punk/emo band steve.  

We talk about the tenants of DIY: Inclusivity in the scene, shows running too late, show houses, chalkboards, the art of truly not giving a fuck and having fun, MTV + more.

Their new album “The Fondue’s and Fondont’s” will be out in a couple of months.  

Episode 43: Derrick Braxton & Jelani Walker


Derrick Braxton & Jelani are both New Brunswick-area natives who are remarkably community driven. You can often catch either of them spinning records at a NB basement show near you.

It doesn’t stop there; in his tenure as a producer, Derrick has produced beats for notable artists like Lupe Fiasco and Raekwon. In addition, he helps run the Hub City Music festival that takes place this April, and the “Rock New Brunswick” festival that takes place in Boyd Park

We talk about the creative process, the “music industry”, race relations, the New brunswick Scene, the “old New Brunswick”, and more.

Episode 41: A Not So Simple Plan


I sat down with verified mall-punk Kait Bemis to chat about Canadian melodic-skate punk band “Reset”.  They were pretty good, until two of their members left to join a manufactured pop-punk band called “Simple Plan”.  In this episode we uncover the truth about Simple Plan and the deceit in their punk-rock angst filled charade.  Tune in to find out the truth + more tidbits and rants.