Episode 33: In Angles

 Photo by Gabe Diaz

Photo by Gabe Diaz

The boys from In Angles do a sleepytime podcast, wrapping up their their summer tour. We also talk about our new EP "Shortfalls" coming out next week on Choke Artist. Honestly we were tired as shit when we recorded this and I don't remember what else we talked about but check it out.

Check out our new music video for a song off the EP here

Episode 32: FLORAL


Got a chance to sit down with my good friends Nate and Ty from FLORAL for this week’s podcast. This was towards the end of a 4-day run In Angles did with them on our West Coast tour.

We talk about the band’s formation and influences growing up in the Bay Area. We also talk about along with their writing/recording process, their UK tour where they played ArcTanGent and their takes on “studio magic”. Is it a let down when bands use tricks in the studio to sound like better musicians, or can it still be genuine?

Check out Floral online (they're great), or buy their 12" at chokeartist.storenvy.com

Episode 31: Sick Shit


Sick Shit stops by after a show at The Grand Exchange in New Brunswick.

We talk about the band’s new cassette Persevere, their recording process, Jack Dickerson, mosh etiquette, and share some tour stories. The band also offers some interesting perspective about the term “female fronted” being used as a type of genre.

Hear their new cassette on bandcamp.

Episode 30: Johnny Bentonamo


Episode Johnny Bentonamo aka “The Queer Demon” is a musician who currently resides in NJ.  If you have yet to see him play live, you are highly missing out on an entertaining and unique live performance.

In this episode we talk about Johnny’s history as a musician and what he tries to channel through his music and live shows.  We also talk for a while about our shared condition of Crohn’s disease.  Shitting pants stories are shared, as well as hospital visits, meds, day-to-day life and much more.  

Check out Johnny’s music on bandcamp

Episode 29: Children's Books


The band “Children’s Books” from Philadelphia stop by to talk about the creation of the music video for their new single Take Me under which will be released next week.

For some reason, during this podcast my computer glitches and the software just closed without saving, so this is our second attempt at a podcast.  I spend the first couple of minutes of this one being pissed off about that!

We talk about their new music video and the themes that they helped build around their release online, their meticulous demo-ing process, Underoath reuniting, getting old, how the band views promotion online, and much more.

You can follow the band on facebook to see the drop of their music video next week!

Episode 28: Fero Lux

fero lux.jpg

Fero Lux is a 4 piece post-hardcore band from Broward County, FL.  I got a chance to talk to them about on their recent tour with NY based band Dead Empires.  In 2014, we helped press their debut full length “Some Divine Ashtray” to vinyl.

We talk about the weird-transience of FL, the Parkland FL shooting and the effect it had on the band, their last full US tour linking up with The Number Twelve Looks Like You, future album plans, finding the few and far between reaffirming moments in life, taking care of your body on the road, Dave’s experience driving for Dillinger Escape Plan & touring w/Soundgarden and NIN, and more.


Episode 27: Mem Pahl, Skylar Sarkis, Ben Kotin


This week Mem Pahl (Teenage Halloween, Jeffrey Lewis, Cat Tatt), Skylar Sarkis (Taking Meds), and Ben Kotin (Taking Meds/Such Gold) come by to chat after a show in New Brunswick. 

We talk about our past experiences playing/starring in musicals, the start of Taking Meds spawning from Such Gold, the general lack of bass players, rock music losing it’s edge, “the weezer challenge/clown hour”, our first mixtapes/burned CDs, the death of limewire, the ethics of downloading music, glorified rock stars with abusive tendencies, what it means to be punk in 2018, inspiration for lyrics, and more.

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Episode 26: The Planet You


Max, Pete, and Rob from THE PLANET YOU stop by to talk about their band and their new self titled record coming out this Friday.  

We also talk about the band’s formation at MSU as music majors, Johnny B (the most important musical act in NJ), the importance of breaking down the 4th wall in performances, tracking an album live vs recording instruments separately, the benefits of releasing an album DIY, our issues with “math-rock”, the process of creating accessible music that still challenges listeners, and more.

 There is a premiere of a new TPY track called “Posilutely” at the end of this pod! (1:05:55).