March Update:

I'm back!  An update!  Few things:
Pre-Orders for the new Sick Shit 7" are up.  Here's what they look like:  


The album will be up for full stream tomorrow.  Follow me on IG I'll post it there.
In addition, we got some sick new merch.  

chk pin.jpg

Podcasts are still going up on a weekly basis!  It's awesome talking to people from all over about BEING PUNK AND SHIT.  Hahaha no seriously though it's fun.

Lastly, we've begun screen printing shirts.  I added a tab at the top of the site about it, if you need one color shirts printed up for cheap click the tab and get in touch with us.

Next endeavor is bringing the Invalids Fulfillment EP to vinyl!  It's almost done.  Also Summer sounds like a good time for a "Your Breath Stinks, Vol. 4" (download #3 for free here).  

Thanks for reading this section of the site.  First 2 people to email with the subject "Great Reader" will get some free merch.  It's like a fun scavenger hunt, wow!