Episode 6: Vinyl Geek Out Extravaganza (7 Inches 7 Plagues)

 In this episode I get to sit down with some long time friends of mine and talk about music & collecting vinyl.  These guys run a page on Instagram called 7 Inches 7 Plagues (named after influential melodic hardcore band 7 Angels 7 Plagues).   

I ask the hard hitting questions like : "Is every day, record store day??"

We talk about a VINYL (obviously) and other things related to the metal and hardcore scene.  Some of these guys had just got back from the band Foundation's last show so we talk about that.  I talk about the logistic of running a label that presses vinyl and how a lot of plants haven't adjusted to the resurgence of vinyl's popularity.

Follow these guys and us on instagram.  @7inches_7plagues and @chokeartistnj.