INVALIDS - Eunoia Vinyl Pressing

Hey!  We pressed Invalids' first full length album Eunoia on vinyl.  300 black and 50 fluorescent green.  The green is already almost sold out so don't sleep if you wanna grab that!  If you never heard the album before you can do that here.  Buy the LP here.

The band just finished their first West Coast run with The Lunch.  They played with a bunch of great bands including Floral, Covet, and Hollow Ran.  I play drums in the band and feel weird talking in the 3rd person.  Tour was rad so thanks if you were there!

If you click around the site you may find some things to read that mighttt be more interesting than your social media feed.  We are slowly adding more and more content to our around and see what you like.  Our podcasts are also available on iTunes.

We got 2-3 more vinyl releases up our sleeves for this year as well as some CD releases but I ain't announcing shit right now cause I learned the hard way that vinyl takes forever.  Is this a cliff hanger???? Holy shit!