6/29/2016: Invalids / Use Big Words / Have a Good Season / Sleep In / Weird and Wonderful Words in New Brunswick

WEDNESDAY, 6/29/2016

Choke Artist is posting up at In the West in New Brunswick, NJ.  This stacked lineup will consist of a whole lot of mathy, feely, sing-songy vibes.  Spend your Hump Day sending off Invalids and Use Big Words as they venture to the WIIINNDDDYYY CIIITTTYYY (Kanye West is illuminati.  BLACK HELICOPTERS, SON):

Invalids (math rock + feels) 

Use Big Words (your boys, obviously)

Have a Good Season (a pissed off built to spill)

Sleep In. (NJ v cool emo/indie sing songs)

Weird and Wonderful Words (Andy plays songs nicely for you)

In The West, New Brunswick
Doors at 7pm Music at 7:30