December 6: Update

Art by Corey Humphrey

Art by Corey Humphrey

Hey!  Thanks for checking out what we do.  Some updates...

Podcasting has been going down bi-weekly with success!  They are hella fun to do and it's cool to get some different perspectives in the mix.  The last two got automatically cleared from my hard drive (sorry to Basement Beers and Floral, we shall chat again soon :/).  

We are releasing three more LPs within the next few months, once we get a little closer we'll make more officially posts about em.  Some really cool music coming out for the first time on wax though.

Choke Artist compilation #3:  "Your Breath Stinks Vol. 3" is in process.  We've been doing this weird bedroom art/label thing for four years and it's cool to see everything we've accomplished in between all the compilation releases.  Each one is like a new bookmark in a book filled with diarrhea.  This year was cool but 2017 is shaping up to be even cooler.  Here is a link to our last compilation, it's out of physical print but is up for free download.  Download