Episode 16: Josh Jurk & Cheech

josh cheech joe.jpg

Had two dear friends sit down for a chat for this pod, was a lovely time <3.  Josh and Cheech are two people who have been involved with the NJ scene for 12+ years.

We talk about the challenges of producing/engineering music as a DIY musician in 2017, soundcloud rap being the new punk rock, Joe being problematic at show, controversy surrounding Stan Lee, opening up dialogue for uncomfortable situations, our different lifestyles/the pitfalls of routine, Josh’s experience working at different Asbury Park based venues, inclusiveness in the music “industry,” among other things.

When Josh isn’t working at The House of Independents in Asbury Park, he sings in School Drugs and Weird Fantasy Band .

Episode 15: Jordy Lyric


Jordy Lyric is an all-around artist who has been involved in the DIY scene since she was young.  She writes and records solo music which you can hear at jordynlyric.bandcamp.com.  

In this Episode we talk about growing up in the metalcore scene, her experiences booking and running shows in Philadelphia, finding fulfillment in DIY, people fizzling out, her experiences managing bands, and the secret awesomeness of the south Jersey scene.  We also talk about how easy it is to become jaded and lose sight of ideas that help foster a supportive scene.

Episode 14: Erica Butts (Rest Ashore)

Erica Butts is a singer/songwriter who currently resides in Hoboken.  She fronts Rest Ashore, a pop-math rock group who just released their new album Pornoviolence.  Check it out at www.restashoremusic.com

In this episode we talk about the formation of Rest Ashore, the tricky delays that bands often run into when they record, some of Erica’s influences musically and lyrically, her song-writing process, writing “math-rock” music, the DIY scene in Hoboken/Jersey City, what it takes to build up a music venue, and the struggles of playing in a band where everyone is hours apart from each other.

Episode 13: Old City Revival

i hate pictures.jpg

Old City Revival is an ambient indie/alternative band from South Jersey.  They’ve been around since 2014 but have been involved in bands with each other since before then.  Their latest EP “In Waves” was released in June of 2017 and can be heard on their bandcamp.  

    In this episode we talk about the band’s song writing process, the difference between a house show and a house party (and how they can both be good), some of our pet peeves when dealing with venues, dealing with phony people, net neutrality and what it can mean for artists/creators, and common misconceptions about playing in a band.

Episode 12: Neel Bhadra

Need Bhadra is a rapper/producer/musician who currently resides in Boston, MA.  His new single “Y Mas” is now available for stream on Spotify.  Along with making hip hop tunes, he also has a knack for writing bedroom folk-rock.  You can check out other songs and remixes he’s made on his Soundcloud page. 

Neel also hosts his own website The Neel Show, which features music reviews, interviews, and photography of up and coming artists and musicians.

In this ep we talk about our sick hometown of NORTH BRUNSWICK NJ, my life as a teacher, the invasiveness of social media, Neel’s trials and tribulations with the music scene in Boston, the state of the music “biz” and being an artist on the internet.  We also got a bit into how I got into playing music and the music scene.


Episode 11: Ska Family Reunion

Ska-Family reunion!  We recorded this in February and I forgot to put it up (sorry)

Members of TBOTW do a podcast with former ska-core entrepreneur Aaron Hibbert from Massachusetts.  He used to run a ska label called “Open Hand Records”.  We talk about Punk Rock Bowling (old news), the new TBOTW EP, Aaron’s unreleased EP, share some fun TBOTW tour stories and make shitty ska puns.

Jay’s mic was off for the first two minutes my bad

Also, I bugged Aaron a lot and he actually released the “unreleased” EP”:

I played drums on it, these songs were a lot of fun and neat.

Episode 10: That One Time In Angles almost Broke Up

The fellas in In Angles share some stories about the road, and talk shit about each other openly.  Juicy stuff!  Highlights include Nick talking about getting really stoned and paranoid and accusing Brian of sleeping with his fiancè.  Tom’s dad is on his 4th marriage.

This podcast was recorded in Tom’s rangerover on our drive back to NJ from a show we played in Boston.  Thanks to Nate from Floral for putting us up for the night!  

In Angles is currently working on a new release for the springtime, but in the meantime you can find their latest album “Cascading Home” on Spotify, Bandcamp, and all that other shit.

Episode 9: The Wrath of the Trouser Snake feat. The Duppies

We got a REAL LIFE reggae band to come do a podcast!  The Duppies are a 7 piece reggae/rocksteady/ska band from Gainesville, Florida.  I got a chance to sit down with them halfway through their tour in October.

We talk about the FL ska scene, snake dicks, OK Cupid dating tricks, the difficulty of maintaining a band thread on your phone, and life on tour with a seven-piece band.  

They also did a live session in the basement which came out great.  It's at the end of the episode, and features "Sugar Water", "The Broken Organ", and "East Meets West".  

Session recorded by Marc Critelli.