An Update!

Wow!  An update!  
Sorry for the lack of updates on this thing.  Hopefully you keep up with Choke Artist on instagram (@chokeartistnj) or facebook or something.  

If you're reading this hopefully you heard our latest compilation "Your Breath Stinks Vol. 3".  50% of the money donated to the bandcamp is being donated to the NJ Battered Women's Service.  So far about $50 has been donated, so thanks if you donated!  Also recently we donated $100 to the ACLU from sales of our Stupid Cop Shirt.

Besides that, life has been cool.  Invalids is going on tour in a few weeks, we are putting out some more records out in a couple of months, and we're gonna have classic Choke Artist baseball caps back in stock for the 4 people that have been asking me for the past two years!!!

Going to try to do biweekly updates on this thing and more regular updates on our social media.  
Looking to do some more music reviews/show reviews.  If you're interested in contributing for this site send me an email and we'll chat

That's it for now, stay cool and enjoy your summer B-).