The Most - At Once

Southington CT's The Most have just released a banger of an album titled At Once.  The band blends elements of math rock, jazz, and emo to bring something really special to the proverbial music table.  I got to pleasure to see them live and they were fantastic.

The band is a 7 piece, which lends for an intricate interplay of melodies on the album.  Their instrumentation is definitely different from what you would typically see at your standard "rock" show-- featuring a keyboard & two saxophone players.  Despite being heavily equipped, these guys don't ever overplay; every lick is tastefully dropped into the right place.  

While the music is certainly calculated, it never comes off that way when listening in the slightest.  You can easily enjoy the tunes without getting the same uneasiness one might get listening to Daughters or The Sawtooth Grin (viva la #mathcorerevival).  These songs can be enjoyed at face value, but can also be dissected for any music-geeks out there.  From beginning to end, At Once is a well crafted and unique album that is totally worth checking out.

I dare you to not bob your head to the song "Wordchurch".

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