Lemix J Buckley - Blue Hair

Detroit's own Lemix J Buckley recently released a single off of their upcoming LP "In Service of Feeling" - courtesy of our hombres over at Esque Records.

This track is particularly interesting because it sums up all of the band's emotive math-rock stylings in 4 distinct sections.  The song starts off as a poppy, dancy ode to a lost love (0:00-1:06) before breaking into a groove that is reminiscent of American Football or This Town Needs Guns (1:06-2:14).

"Moving forward gets hard to do without running shoes" is just one example of how all their lyrics remain nostalgic, simple, and yet completely fitting.  Midway through the track, the band diverges from their digestible emo groove and suddenly drop a tap tap tappy riff that tips a cap to Hella or Ghosts & Vodka (2:14-3:20).

Finally, "Blue Hair" comes to a Maps & Atlases-style conclusion - allowing the vocal melody to eerily float behind the instruments in a way the listener would not expect to hear at this point (3:20-4:09).  All in all, Lemix J Buckley have shown their truly diverse writing potential in this single.  Their August 27th release date cannot come soon enough.

written by Brian Liddy of In Angles & County Drop