New Music from Rest Ashore!

Very excited to bring you a new single from NJ-based band Rest Ashore.  Very neat stuff, super good live.  Exciting and different!  Whoa!!!!

Rest Ashore is a four-piece math rock band from Hoboken New Jersey. Their influences include Tricot and Fall of Troy. Rest Ashore's music uses unconventional rhythms and time signatures while maintaining a passionate emo vibe. Hjarta is meant to represent the upcoming second album, Pornoviolence, which encapsulates tight progressive phrases with raw rock n' roll power.

You can download the new single off their bandcamp.  Be on the lookout for Pornoviolence to be released sometime soon!

The Most - At Once

Southington CT's The Most have just released a banger of an album titled At Once.  The band blends elements of math rock, jazz, and emo to bring something really special to the proverbial music table.  I got to pleasure to see them live and they were fantastic.

The band is a 7 piece, which lends for an intricate interplay of melodies on the album.  Their instrumentation is definitely different from what you would typically see at your standard "rock" show-- featuring a keyboard & two saxophone players.  Despite being heavily equipped, these guys don't ever overplay; every lick is tastefully dropped into the right place.  

While the music is certainly calculated, it never comes off that way when listening in the slightest.  You can easily enjoy the tunes without getting the same uneasiness one might get listening to Daughters or The Sawtooth Grin (viva la #mathcorerevival).  These songs can be enjoyed at face value, but can also be dissected for any music-geeks out there.  From beginning to end, At Once is a well crafted and unique album that is totally worth checking out.

I dare you to not bob your head to the song "Wordchurch".

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Lemix J Buckley - Blue Hair

Detroit's own Lemix J Buckley recently released a single off of their upcoming LP "In Service of Feeling" - courtesy of our hombres over at Esque Records.

This track is particularly interesting because it sums up all of the band's emotive math-rock stylings in 4 distinct sections.  The song starts off as a poppy, dancy ode to a lost love (0:00-1:06) before breaking into a groove that is reminiscent of American Football or This Town Needs Guns (1:06-2:14).

"Moving forward gets hard to do without running shoes" is just one example of how all their lyrics remain nostalgic, simple, and yet completely fitting.  Midway through the track, the band diverges from their digestible emo groove and suddenly drop a tap tap tappy riff that tips a cap to Hella or Ghosts & Vodka (2:14-3:20).

Finally, "Blue Hair" comes to a Maps & Atlases-style conclusion - allowing the vocal melody to eerily float behind the instruments in a way the listener would not expect to hear at this point (3:20-4:09).  All in all, Lemix J Buckley have shown their truly diverse writing potential in this single.  Their August 27th release date cannot come soon enough.

written by Brian Liddy of In Angles & County Drop


Hail The Sun "Words of Gratitude (Parents)"

California's Hail the Sun over the past few years have maintained a sound reminiscent of Post-Hardcore acts such as Dance Gavin Dance and Circa Survive.  

On their new album, Culture Scars, the quartet manages to evolve their style into something much more distinctive.  Their LP's "roomy" vibe and jazzy foundation truly shine through on "Words of Gratitude (Parents)" - which appears to be a thoughtful ode to drummer Donovan Melero's Mom and Dad.

The music video was posed as a high definition live session underneath the high ceilings of Long Island's Vudu Studios, where the band recorded Culture Scars.  Enjoy!

written by Brian Liddy of In Angles & County Drop


Covet - Audiotree Live

Audiotree is a well-known hub for distinguished as well as up and coming artists to display their raw, live talent.  When they decided to feature Covet back in April, the result was unbelievable.  

Covet is a soft, mathy, instrumental 3-piece from California.  According to guitarist Yvette Young, this session took place during their first ever tour outside of the Golden State.  Her finger-tapping techniques on these tracks are incredibly fluent and natural.  Props to the rhythm section for shaping out the songs and adding to the band's subtle intricacies.  

This is great music for writing a term paper, washing your dog, or sharing a chocolate almond milk with your favorite gal.  ENJOY!

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