Our latest release comes from the boys in Lobby Boxer.  Their new album is now up for free download on their bandcamp.  Physical copies will be available in a couple of days if you're still into that jewel case thing.  
"Lobby Boxer is a three piece progressive rock/punk band that formed in St. Louis, MO in the summer of 2013. Their interests include rocking, rolling, and shredding."

Catch them in NJ on March 11th with Arrows in Her, Use Big Words, In Angles, County Drop, and Secret Grief.  It's going to be a banger.

For Fans of:  The Fall of Troy, Boys Night Out, Rock n Roll.
You can read a review of the album right here

The band is hitting the road this March, doing a chunk of dates with In Angles.

Flyer by Pat Skolscy 

Fero Lux - Some Divine Ashtray Vinyl

Wheels are turning for the LP release of one of my favorite records.  Some Divine Ashtray was released by Fero Lux in 2012.  Since then the band has gone on countless tours nationwide.  Including being apart of Sumerian Records' 2014 Headbang for the Highway tour.  

Despite the amazing accomplishment of being noticed by one of metals' biggest labels, the boys were left with a sour taste in their mouth after their nationwide tour.  Frustrated and bummed out, I asked the dudes if they would be into a vinyl release of this album while they gear up for their new record.  This album is a banger front to back and we're really looking forward to pressing it on wax.  

Here is a video for a song from Ashtray featuring Mean Pete of Remembering Never:

Socially conscious and pissed off, Fero Lux is a powerhouse that can't be stopped.  Catch them on the road this summer